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Obituary: Pat O'Connor

10 August 2015

Pat combines his love of sport with his
opposition to water charges

It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of Pat O'Connor after a long illness.
Based in Limerick, Pat was an early member of People's Democracy and became a leading figure in the socialist movement in Limerick.  Working with Joe Harrington, he helped to build a working class presence in Limerick council.
More recently Pat was too the fore in the struggle against water charges and appears online singing a song of resistance based on that struggle.
Two elements shine out from Pat's journey through life. The first is the outstanding decency of a kind and generous human being. The other is the sheer steadfastness of a working class militant who through his life held firm to the defence of the working class and the goal of a socialist future.
May he be long remembered and serve as an exemplar for others.

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