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Palestine:The long road to peace

19 July 2014

Leaflet distributed at Palestine solidarity rally at Belfast City Hall. 

If the endless cycle of siege and massacre in Gaza tell us anything, it is that winning peace is not a matter of splitting the difference, condemning all sides equally and calling for a ceasefire.

The road to peace involves identifying and defeating the causes of violence.

In the case of Gaza this involves committing ourselves to dismantling the existing Israeli state -a colonial, settler and apartheid state - and to fighting against the imperialist powers and their agents who give unconditional support to genocide. .

The trade unions and many in the solidarity movement used to be more forthright. The solution to Palestine's problems was a peace process just like the Irish peace process.  The Irish process is delivering penury and sectarian division. The process in Palestine has proved to be a tool of war, serving an endless process of land grab and repression.

It is important that the broadest possible protest take place against the massacre in Gaza. It is even more important that we set out on the long road of building an anti-imperialist and socialist movement dedicated to mobilising the working class and presenting an alternative to the cycle of barbarism.

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