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The following poetic reflection on the Charlie Hebdo massacre was sent to us by a reader. 

13 January 2015

Their Heads Don't Talk

We see first the presentation of horror and we witness real tears

The sequence of the TVnews concludes

With the anti-terror expert talking head - who tells us their truth from the haunt of fears

We hear level headed reasoning which amounts to one thing:

To abolish the history of the heads that do not talk

And now on the streets, those who oppose slaughter now walk

They say they oppose the slaughter imperial too...

Yet they do not march against the torture and killing of the oppressed.

They hold hands and sing we are the People of Peace!

Yet when the poor rise up and rebel they call for more crack downs from troops and the police

Yes they say we do not like it when the unarmed man is shot in the face

And yet they are at their most shrill to those who call for something better than this to be put in its place.

For here on the Tv screen it is the Tragedies of The Police that are syndicated

Not the Oppressed Majority to be Vindicated.

For this once anti feudal bourgeoisie now takes its morality from the defense of the Haus Barbie.

The screen flickers and the airwaves crackle with the right thinking of the french who are not free

These were the critics academe who told us to celebrate the author of the Gulag Archipelago

Who now shout from within the ranks of the Right to condemn those who condemn the world of the Gulag Guantanamo.

And we the media once more must be the audience and interview the Ill Liberal intellectual Normal and Superior - M. Andre M. Jean and their like.

Over the coming weeks they will be sought out for their and our advantage. 

Their moral hand wringing will do nothing to stop the march of reaction and the Fascist Right.

For here is the nadir of the “Philosophy of Language” - the homely daily dog-shit of Marine Le Pen.


And Now the talking head of the pundit is here again to say that their polls and the public in the polling booths increasingly prefer the fascist solution.

And those who have survived that solution must listen to the weasel words of the head that talks the talk of “tolerance” and “free expression”

It speaks of “understanding” the fear and the acceptance of the rights of those who are fearful.

As if a we can stop the politics and the psychosis of a Death Cult

By supporting a bid for power by the politics and psychosis of another Death Cult - which speaks better French!

Yes put your cross by the Paratrooper's Cult to hope that others will be made to suffer!

For is it is you who have become barbarous as you are supplied with the required death fix.

One after another - you watch those you wanted expelled tortured and killed.

And this means to you that you will now be safe and free in the space they leave - to live a better life!?

-And still they tell those who want to defeat Capital's Empire and to abolish low-and-no-wage slavery 

"those are fantasy-politics that all must resist." 

Back on the dark and lonely streets will be the truth - without justice.

For now even the homeless rough sleeper lives in fear of finding another body eviscerated by righteous thugs. 

You say you are for co-existence of jew and gentile and people of all faiths and none.

Yet you looked on at those who shouted "We prefer Hitler to Blum!!".  

And you the talking head of the Academic Market in Culture say these are the words of the righteous poets over-ripe imagination.

And for once you are right, as you abandon your usual belief in the value of art that signifies nothing.

Yes our imaginations now more than ever are over ripe for the abolition of capital's imperium.

Your thinking now follows the governing heads of India and Albion who once righteously suppressed the Thuggee Death Cult of Kali.

And after the task was completed they sat down to drinks at the Club where the only black faces belonged to their servants - who they also liked to regularly beat.

All across the country and the Empire - they enjoyed the Punch and the Judying of free expression as they consumed the many thousand portrayals of the cartoon villain

This you say is not fair as “there are abuses and there are abuses...”

Yes and we say we know the difference between the Empire's art of the Folk Devil and its suppression

For we, were and always will be Honoré D.

But still you talk of free expression, but your history is one of imprisonment of Daumier his press and pen.

“Bad luck” they said to the Paratrooper terrorists when they failed to kill Sartre for his support of the FLN!

We Are Victor Charlie The Voice and brutalized body of the oppressed.

For too Long we have been forced to hear and bear your abuse.

Once you cut off the heads of your rulers

Now those heads speak ever more eloquently with aid of Professor Furer's ventriloquizers.

And if the heads that cannot talk did speak – they would tell a different story:

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