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The following leaflet was distributed  at the mass anti-water charges demo  outside the Dail on the 10 December 2014.

Build a simple, single, united movement with one central demand:

Close Irish Water Now!

What's behind the torrent of smears, slanders, bribes, threats and lies deployed by the government to sell water charges?

What's behind the pincer movement by Union leaders Beggs and O'Connor? One constantly bad-mouthing Right2water, while the other claims he is now an ally. 

The answer is simple. They are fighting to save Irish Water and the principle of charging so that they can eventually privatise in line with Troika instructions 

Our response has to be to force the immediate closure of Irish Water. We must select the best weapons at hand. Rather than rely mainly on nonpayment or changing our vote, we should look to effective mass mobilization and action to bring the government to a halt. Our response to our new friend Jack O'Connor and to all the unions with members in the water service should be to demand that Trade Union members subcontracted to Irish water return to their jobs in local government and bring the sorry experiment to an end. If the call does not come water workers should link up with local communities and vote with their feet.

We must extend the mobilization and oppose the fragmentation into separate campaigns. There should be an immediate national conference to build a common platform and local committees should not simply protest but also investigate government failures in the provision of water and other services and begin to look to alternatives to both government neglect and ruthless privatisation.

In fact water is the last straw in an endless sell off of resources. We in Socialist Democracy believe that we should start constructing a socialist Party that will fight capitalist rapacity on all fronts.

As Larkin said: 

"The great appear great because we are on our knees. Let us arise!"

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