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Expel the Troika!
Labour out of Government!
ICTU out of Croke Park, Social Partnership

9 February 2013

This is the text of a leaflet that was distributed at the ICTU organised  “Lift the Burden” demonstration in Dublin. 

The coalition came to power claiming that they would face down European bureaucrats and renegotiate the debt.

In reality they have installed the troika as the de facto government, legislated for permanent austerity, promised to pay the bankers every last red cent and begged for some sign of mercy in return for their loyalty.

Their calls have been rejected. The big powers are in crisis themselves and unwilling to show weakness by taking responsibility for the Irish promissory note.

That in practice means that we are moving towards a second bail-out. Enda Kenny calls it "a mortgage" but he means many more years of debt, an increase in debt interest and further "support" by the Troika to crush Irish workers into the dust.

Our problems lie with our leaders. Labour are in government imposing the rule of the bankers and Trade Union strategy is to support the austerity and join with the government in unheeded calls for mercy.

Grassroots workers movements can shake free of these betrayals. We could pull the plug right now by campaigning to force Labour out of government and bringing down the coalition and mobilising to prevent ICTU going along with Croke Park ll and collaborating in Social Partnership. That would begin the process of building a movement to repudiate the debt, expel the troika and putting forward a socialist programme to run the country in the interests of the workers.

We are now in year 5 of austerity. Truly, as James Connolly claimed, we have nothing to lose but our chains.

Let us follow his advice.

Let us arise!


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