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Ukraine – A correction of our view

21 June 2014

The conflict in Ukraine has led to a sharp divide in the socialist movement worldwide.  Many stress the popular mobilization of the Euromaidan and condemn the uprising in the East as the machinations of Russian imperialism.  Others, including Socialist Democracy, have pointed to the reactionary nature of the Kiev government and progressive and working class slogans to be found in the East. 

The recent statement on Ukraine by Socialist Democracy, while advocating opposition to western imperialism also contained the assertion that “socialists should not support one set of imperialists against another”. 

This formulation has led to criticism from comrades both within our own organisation and from outside it. 

After an internal discussion we have agreed that our critics are in the right and that the dual imperialist position is incorrect. 

We intend that the current statement be removed, revised and replaced.

We will present it to our readers shortly.


Socialist Democracy

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