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Boycott the bloody hands of Bush and Blair!

The intent behind the Bush-Blair summit in Ireland is clear. These nauseous hypocrites intend to wash the blood of tens of thousands of Iraqi dead from their hands by splashing in the fountain of an Irish ‘peace’ process. Bush will pose in majesty as Emperor of the world while Blair holds the hem of his garments.

To add insult to injury the duo will yet again solemnly promise justice to Palestine – something the US and Britain solemnly swore to deliver after the first Gulf war. They will do so following the anniversary of the massacre of Jenin – where the US and Israel successfully blocked any investigation and have yet even to admit that the massacre took place.  The Bush-Blair ‘roadmap’ for Palestine would leave the Palestinians prisoners in their own land – yet even this has already been dismissed by the Israeli butcher Sharon.

Even more stomach-churning will be claims of ‘liberating’ Iraq.  Portions of the plan to set up an American colony are already public knowledge, as are the plans to hand over control of Iraqi resources to US transnational corporations.  The people of Iraq are to pay 3 times – in blood during the invasion, again when the wealth of their country is raided to pay for the war and again when they pay for a ‘reconstruction’ that will swell the coffers of the US carpetbaggers.

Even their claim to be overseeing a solution to the Irish question and permanent peace is bogus. The Good Friday Agreement, itself a settlement that retained and strengthened British rule and the sectarian divisions that flow from it, has been left far behind.  Now the process is one of constant political capitulation by the republican movement.  The meeting with Bush will demand support for the sectarian police and even an agreement by the republicans that they will be punished if they in any way obstruct the stability of the sectarian state.

We have it in our hands to deny to Bush and Blair the media spin that they are seeking from this adventure.  Mass demonstrations can make it clear that they do not have the support of Irish people in pursuing their imperialist war.  Even more simply the leaderships of all the organisations declaring their opposition to the war can boycott the Bush meeting.  Unfortunately Sinn Fein, SIPTU and the SDLP have all indicated that they do not support such a boycott.

Time is short.  The task of anti-war activists is clear.   The supporters of these organisations must be told that they cannot sit at the table of the anti-war movement while at the same time sitting with Bush and helping to legitimate the imperialist slaughter in Iraq.



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