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Statement: Massacre in Gaza

29 December 2008

Leaflet distributed at demonstration in Belfast against Israel’s attack on Gaza. 

Let no one mistake the massacre in Gaza.  This is a re-run of the killing fields in Lebanon, with the Israeli military doing what it does best – raining down death on civilians without any fear of meaningful retaliation. Meanwhile the US, Britain and Europe do what they do best – run diplomatic cover to buy as much slaughter time for the Israeli forces as they can.

What is the purpose of the murder machine? The Israeli government say they want to create new facts.  They want to create a ‘peace process’ where only their demands are on the table and the Palestinians see the idea of a free Palestine buried forever. 

Israeli victory would not bring peace.  There is an ongoing threat to Lebanon and Iran, backed up by the Israeli nuclear arsenal and the threat of an all-out war that would endanger us all.

The Gaza slaughter is accompanied by a global diplomatic offensive by Israel designed to defuse any opposition.  It must be met by a strong opposition calling for immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Israeli forces and call on the governments supporting Israel to reverse their policy, to break off diplomatic relations and boycott Israeli goods.  We should begin to mobilise a global campaign against Israel and its allies and demand that political parties and trade unions sign up to defend the Palestinians. 

Israel today resembles nothing so much as the old apartheid South African state.  Working people should build a campaign against the apartheid state and in support of a democratic, secular and socialist Palestine, where all would be equal.


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