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Socialist Democracy Statement on the closure of “The Blanket”

19th August 2003

Socialist Democracy condemns in the strongest terms the recent closure of the ‘Blanket’ website by the British State forces.

The website had been the object of a campaign by the local paper ‘Andersonstown News’ following allegations on the site that the Sinn Fein leadership were trying to prevent further investigation of allegations that a top level informer, ‘Steaknife’ had been active at the highest levels of the IRA.

The RUC/PSNI claim that the raid was connected to military activity by dissident republican organisations.  The evidence of the material on the website does not support this allegation and the most likely explanation appears to be that the state itself wanted to prevent further comment on the ‘Steaknife’ affair.

The seizure of all files and computer equipment had the effect of closing the site down – the equivalent on the internet to the closure of a paper.

The British action requires the most determined opposition by all who value free speech

John McAnulty

For Socialist Democracy



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