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Statement: Say no to the bank bailout!  Say no to Croke Park and trade union collusion!  Say yes to bailing out the workers, not the bankers!

The following leaflet was given out by SD supporters at a mass demonstration at the Dail against the bank bailout on 25 May 2010

We are told we have no alternative to paying the billions needed to bailout the banks. Yet the uprising of Greek workers, and the financial turbulence in Europe that followed, show that the bankers fear that there is an alternative and that the workers will size it.

What is the alternative? It is very simple. Repudiate the debt – it’s not our debt.  The banks have failed – close them down. The speculators are bust – let them stay bust.  Close down NAMA immediately. It’s just a way of making sure we pay capitalism’s debts.

We need to save the economy! they cry. – No! Let’s build our own economy around a workers bank that guarantees the important things like a place to live and finance to protect jobs and services.

Voting no to Croke Park is a start, but we will be back at square one unless we build a rank and file movement.

The union leaders say that the best that could be got from the government is the abandonment of the historic gains of the working class such as the 8 hour day, the 5 day week and the right to overtime. Tens of thousands of jobs are being lost by agreement with the unions, services are to be yet further reduced and welfare rights curtailed at the very least, all with the topping of a no-strike clause. As if the severity of these attacks are not enough, if there is an unforeseen budgetary deterioration the Government reserves the right to deepen the offensive against workers through a let out clause in the Croke Park deal, all agreed by the trade union leadership.

The entire union leadership and in particular SIPTU and IMPACT are involved in creating a climate whereby an unimaginable deterioration in workers lives and living conditions are being bartered to bail out international speculators and gombeen men.

Take back our unions!

We need to remove the union bureaucrats from their controlling position in the workers movement. They have proven their commitment to capitalism regardless of the cost we have to bear.

Win or loose the Croke Park Vote we have to begin a fight to build a new leadership in the unions and workers movement. There are tens of thousands of workers who are willing to challenge this leadership but 20 years of social partnership have atomized them. We can start by building a network where we can begin to work out  strategy and develop the alternative to the disastrous policies that are set to impoverish us and blight our children’ futures. 
If you interested in building rank and file unity against the bailout, against  trade union leadership collusion and in support of a working class  alternative, please contact us: or Call (086 3388962)


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