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Turning Protest into Opposition 

Leaflet distributed at the eirigi protest against the British military parade in Belfast

2 November 2008

The British military parades contain all the elements of the current settlement. Britain asserts it's imperial rights. The dark sectarian underbelly rallies to it's master. All that Sinn Fein's place in government can buy it is ineffective protest.

Republicans and Socialists are right to protest, and to do so separately from the self-serving hypocrisy of Sinn Fein, but much work needs to be done to turn protest into opposition.

We need four-square opposition to the colonial and sectarian settlement in the North and to all the reactionary policies of the coalition administration.

We must oppose the capitalist establishment in Dublin, sponsors of partition, who are sucking the blood of the working class to bail out the banks.

We must put forward the alternative of the Workers Republic and look to the self-organisation of the workers to built that republic.

We must exclude those like Sinn Fein and the Trade Union bureaucracy who collaborate in holding up the present system. 

We must include in a democractic and open campaign all those who seek the interests of the working class and oppressed.

Let us begin. 

Britain out of Afghanistan!
Britain out of Iraq!
Britain out of Ireland!


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