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Socialist Democracy Website - publishing guidelines 

The Socialist Democracy website is open to anyone supporting socialism.  We will not politically edit the views posted.

We would encourage all our readers to comment on the website content and contribute their own views.

Articles not penned by our own members will be headed correspondence, opinion, review or indicate in some other way that the views are not necessarily ours.

Signed articles, without any other indication or with headings such as analysis, are written by members. They can be taken as being within the general political framework of the organisation without necessarily being our policy.

Where members wish to they may present opinion pieces to open political discussion inside the organisation or in the wider socialist movement.

From time to time we will carry unsigned statements.  These are the product of internal discussion and represent the policy of the organisation.

Readers are free to copy the articles we publish here.  We would ask that they provide a link to our website when they do so.



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