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Online discussion

Abolish the Zionist state:
the case for a unified democratic Palestine

Speaker: Tony Greenstein (author & activist)

13 February 2024
19.00 London/Dublin
Zoom platform


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The genocide and ethnic cleansing being carried out by the state of Israel against the people of Gaza has aroused the consciousness of many millions across the globe.   While its scale and barbarity are striking, such assaults are not a new occurrence.  Violence has been a constant feature of the Israeli state’s system of domination over Palestinians for the whole of its 75 years of existence.  Despite its record, the assertion that such a state has the “right to exist” and “a right to defend” itself goes unquestioned even by those who would claim to be in sympathy with the Palestinians.

This discussion will examine the colonial nature of Zionism in its ideology and practice and how it fits within the broader framework of imperialism.  It will address the critical question of what a just settlement for the Palestinians would be and whether the much promoted two-state solution is feasible or just a formula for continued domination. It will also discuss how best the struggle of the Palestinian people can be aided by the solidarity movement.


Tony Greenstein is a longstanding Jewish anti-Zionist and an anti-Fascist activist from Brighton.  In 1982 he was a co-founder of Britain’s Palestine Solidarity Campaign which he resigned from in 2021 when they abandoned opposition to Zionism.

Tony was the first Jewish member to be expelled from the Labour Party in February 2018 but not the last one!

Tony is the author of The Fight Against Fascism in Brighton and the South Coast (2012) and Zionism During the Holocaust (2022).

He has written extensively on Palestine and Zionism for, amongst others, the Guardian’s Comment is Free, the Journal of Holy Land and Palestine Studies, Tribune and the Weekly Worker.  Tony was the child of an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi and in his youth a member of the religious Zionist Bnei Akiva, now part of the Greater Israel movement.

Tony has recently been sentenced to nine months imprisonment suspended for two years for taking part in Palestine Action protests directed at Israel’s arms factory, Elbit. He was also arrested under the 2000 Terrorism Act on December 22 for alleged support for Hamas.

He has blogged on Palestine, anti-Zionism and a multitude of other topics since 2008. See

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