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Easter 1916/2016 Special Bulletin - March 2016


The Irish counter-revolution in 2016
Words can't describe the dreadful shambles of the 1916 centenary commemorations. At the heart of each new farce 
is the assertion of cultural and political relativism. The Citizen Army revolutionaries are the same as the constitutional 
nationalist Redmond who denounced them, as the British troops who shelled them, as the UVF sectarians who 
armed against an Irish democracy.  (read more)

The class struggle in Ireland - 1916
At first sight the Tale of 1916 seems a simple one. On the one hand there was a small band - an alliance of socialists
and revolutionary democrats. On the other hand the British imperialists and their Unionist supporters. Even if we stay 
within that narrative The Rising had enormous significance.  (read more)

The class struggle in Ireland - 2016
As the official commemoration of the 1916 centenary unfolds it is becoming clear that it is an assault on the rising and 
on the very idea of an Irish revolution.  It is hardly surprising that Irish capitalism is opposed to revolution or that it remains 
too weak and cowardly to launch a direct attack. (read more)

The reconquest of Ireland in 2016
The starting point for any proclamation of revolution today is the primacy of human needs. Everyone in Ireland has a need
for food, for housing, for work, for healthcare and for education, for equality between the sexes and for a secure and 
sustainable environment.   (read more)

Next edition - May 2016


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Trade union activists protest against Fresh Start Agreement (Nov 2015)




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