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  Last updated: 18 November 2018
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Housing Bulletin - October 2018


All is changed
At a certain point in any protest movement there comes a point where the state decides it will not give way and will use
force to suppress protest.  We have reached that stage in the Irish housing crisis with the "Public Private Partnership" 
of the Garda Heavy squad and  private thugs specialising in eviction.  (read more)

The government housing policy is a policy of terror
The central point about the attack by Garda and paramilitary thugs on the occupiers  of North Frederick Street is that 
it was deliberate strategy organised at the highest levels of government. (read more)

Experts speak
The announcement of the government's new housing plan based around a land  development agency was met with the 
usual childlike credulity on the part of the  official broadcaster, RTE. Much was made of a covenant to provide affordable 
and social housing. (read more)

Housing demonstration: Unity and its discontents
The mobilisation of 6000 demonstrators close to the Dail on Wednesday, 3 October, organised by the Raise the Roof 
campaign was hailed as an unprecedented  demonstration of unity and is a powerful statement of mobilisation around 
the Irish  housing crisis and its effects in terms of homelessness and on the cost of rents and mortgages.  (read more)

Problems of the parliamentary road
As the Raise the Roof protest took place outside the Dail a resolution on housing was  put forward inside parliament by 
Richard Boyd Barrett of People Before Profit.  Although PbP proposed the motion and it was taken in a time slot allotted 
to them by parliamentary rules, the motion did not reflect People Before Profit policy. (read more)

Community mobilisation beats back property speculators
In a remarkable counterpoint to the drama of Raise the Roof and the cross-party resolution in the Dail, the day following the 
demonstration saw a major agency in the Irish property market, IRES REIT, issue notice to tenants of Dublin’s “The Maples” 
apartments that they intend to increase their rent by up to 30%, meaning that some  tenants will be expected to pay €2,800 
per month.  (read more)

Housing is a human right! Has anyone told the guards? 
It seems self-evident that everyone in the society should have a roof over their head,  so what's the problem with having housing 
is a human rate as a slogan? (read more)

Raise the Roof! Or lower the bar for the government?
What is the basic argument behind the raise the roof campaign? The argument is unity! A broad enough unity will ensure the 
biggest level of support and thus force the government to change direction. Some argue that the unity is too broad  (read more)

Next edition - February 2019


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