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Cop 27


November 2022's climate conference in Egypt was a disaster. Not only did it not produce any real progress, it was used to greenwash the Egyptian regime and saw an influx of delegates from big oil. The main achievement was to promise compensation for poorer countries most at risk, but these promises have been made before and not acted on.  (read more)

The Road to Palestinian Liberation and an End to Zionism Runs Through Cairo, Baghdad, Damascus and Riyadh

29/11/22 (azvsas blog)

40 years ago Alexander Haig, Reagan’s Secretary of State described Israel as "the largest American aircraft carrier in the world that cannot be sunk". Given that central to US military doctrine has been the creation of unsinkable island aircraft carriers, from Pacific atolls to Iceland and even Britain, this explains more than anything why the United States funds Israel’s military to the tune of $4 Billion a year.  (read more)

Jacobin Is Wrong: The Midterms Were Not a Socialist Wave

20/11/22 (Left Voice)

Democrats’ elation is understandable. But something curious is also happening: some on the Left are claiming that there was a different kind of red wave — of socialism, that is. Jacobin proclaimed that “the elections were one of the best the Left has had in memory,” and DSA claimed the organization — and the progressive movement — had “racked up wins.”   (read more)

The Yank: A Review


At first when I heard about this book, I thought it would be some spoof by a wannabe and wasn’t inclined to take it
seriously. That was a mistake. The Yank is an entertaining and informative tale of the exploits of a Yank who joined the
IRA. That in itself would be a story worth telling, except John Crawley’s life in the IRA was no ordinary story. He comes
across as a committed and dedicated Irish republican and even a veritable James Bond, though he might not like the
comparison with the fictional agent of British imperialism and murder at her majesty’s request.  (read more)

Colombia: Gustavo Petro and the Civic–Military Campaigns


The Petro – Márquez government is one which proposes to bring us to what they term Total Peace.  The term and the proposal as such have been subjected to justifiable criticism, not least because it places the insurgency of the ELN on the same footing as armed drug trafficking groups.  But there is another aspect of their government that calls upon us to reflect on what Petro – Márquez understand as peace and a demilitarized society that breaks with the past and the present of a repressive state where the answer to everything is a military response.  (read more)

US midterm elections


The expectation of a red wave is not some general law of nature. The Democrats face such a wave because they always disappoint. Claims to help the working class evaporate when in office. They could not challenge Republicans on the cost of living because they are presiding over a massive squeeze on living standards.  Instead, they campaigned on women’s abortion rights and the preservation of American democracy and succeeded in reducing the red wave to a trickle.  (read more)


Gender identity ideology

Presentation by Orla Ni Chomhrai on why socialists should oppose a dogma which undermines women's rights, gay rights, free speech, and science.

18 October 2021