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Socialist Democracy Bulletin - February 2014
Ireland’s new “independence:” An avalanche of corruption
The Irish exit from the bailout, an "exit" that involves decades of austerity and the continued supervision 
of the Troika and European Central bank, was met immediately by the rich smell of corruption arising 
from the Irish gombeen capitalists.   (read more)

Wanted: A Socialist opposition
If there is one thing self-evident in the run-up to the European and local elections, it is that the political 
map in Ireland is essentially unchanged. Despite past humiliation Fianna Fail retain their base and hope 
to gain from popular resentment of the  coalition. (read more)

A programme for the workers
A working class programme is designed to meet the needs of the working class. Nothing else comes 
first - not the banks, not the national interest (which is the interest of the ruling class), and not the "better, 
fairer way" of paying the bondholders proposed by trade union leaders.  (read more)

Why did Haass Fail?
The depth of crisis left behind by the failure of the Irish Haass talks can only be understood when we 
look at how little the informal  representatives of US imperialism set out to achieve and the extent to 
which the political establishment were willing to conciliate unionism in order to achieve that little. (read more)

Forbes magazine gives Ireland A+ report on exiting the Troika
Forbes magazine recently lauded Ireland as top of its list of the best countries in which to do business. 
The low tax regime and personal freedom, by which Forbes means corporate freedom, being high on 
 the state’s list of ‘positive’ attributes.  (read more)

Latvia: End point in the race to the bottom?
Ireland is not alone in receiving the accolade of Forbes magazine. Latvia also receives glowing praise 
and, as with Ireland, the IMF’s enthusiasm is based upon growth figures.  (read more)

Nelson Mandela: The limits of nationalism
The death of former South African president and ANC (African National Congress) leader Nelson 
Mandela last December provoked a deluge of praise and appreciation for his remarkable life.  Those 
paying tribute ranged from the most oppressed people in the world to the most powerful and privileged. 
(read more)
Socialist Education: Imperialism
Today within the socialist movement concepts of imperialism are often replaced by the concept of 
globalisation according to which class and national oppression are then seen as a conscious policy of 
one wing of capital that can be reversed through lobbying, demonstrations or electoral activity.  (read more)

A fake ideology of water privatisation
Economist Steve Keen once remarked that neoliberal  economics, although completely false, were a 
guarantee of promotion in university and government careers. Their value was as an ideology that would 
justify right-wing policies.  (read more)

Haass: Nationalists capitulate to sectarian reaction
One aspect of the final report of the US group led by Richard Haass that is never commented on is the 
extent to which it represented a capitulation to unionist reaction, with seven successive re-writes to 
meet unionist objections.  (read more)

Workers demand housing, civil rights
On February 1st the North Belfast Civil Rights Association held a march in Belfast to protest massive 
housing discrimination in North Belfast.   (read more)                                


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