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  Last updated: 15 April 2019
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Socialist Democracy Bulletin - December 2018


Raise the roof or reclaim the city?
There is one simple rule in the history of warfare. Don’t fight this war with weapons of the last war. Yet that’s exactly 
what we’re doing. We are blindly following the experience of the water charges campaign and of the recent referenda 
in the belief that this will lead to victory on the housing front.  (read more)

Britain: political crisis intensifies as draft Brexit deal unveiled
The unveiling of the draft agreement on withdrawal from the EU has intensified the political crisis within the British ruling 
elite - provoking a rash of resignations from the Conservative government; threats to overthrow the premiership of Theresa 
May; and warnings of dire consequences should it fail to win support in Parliament.  (read more)

From Fine Gael to ICTU, a long line forms behind May
The end of November saw Europe accept a separation plan for Britain. As was the tone of the negotiations all along, the 
agreement is mostly a giant fudge, pushing the details of the final exit into the future. However the outline plan meets 
Theresa May’s main aims.  (read more)

Support the French postal workers!
For a marathon eight months now 150 workers in the French post office have been on strike. The management of La Poste 
in Paris have sacked a principled and effective union representative and political activist but his fellow workers immediately went 
out on strike to have him reinstated. This has developed into a struggle against privatisation and the destruction of their pay, 
terms and conditions.   (read more)

Handover of National Maternity hospital to church
Leo Varadker said during the Pope’s visit that there needed to be a new relationship between the state and the Catholic church, 
yet the attempts by Simon Harris to gift the new maternity hospital to the Sisters of Charity behind our backs looks very much like 
the old relation-ship between church and state.  (read more)

Make Our National Maternity Hospital Public Demonstration
Please come along & show your solidarity in the Campaign to make our new National Maternity Hospital Public. The fight from 
Repeal is not over! The struggle for Legislation will be meaningless if people to not have access to services!  (read more)


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