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  Last updated: 26 January 2016
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Socialist Democracy Bulletin - November/December 2015


Con Job!
One firm fact is being pushed forward as the spearhead of the struggle to re-elect the coalition. The recession is 
over! Thanks to the honesty and competence of Fine Gael and Labour the tiger is back and Ireland is the fastest 
growing economy in Europe!   (read more)

The Troika’s election plan: sell austerity, save stability
With the presentation of the latest budget the capitalist class has put the best face on its programme for the 
continuation of austerity. The launch was accompanied by an almost euphoric government statement; Ireland, 
Europe’s fastest growing economy is on “a new path" which Noonan says will “keep recovery growing”.  (read more)

Lansdowne Road - The hidden election manifesto
Amid all the razzle and dazzle of recovery and the claims that we have never had it so good there stands one document 
that tells the truth. It tells workers of some of the measures that have been taken to help the Coalition stay in power. More
significantly it tells of the reality that will face us after the election promises have come and gone. That document is the
 Lansdowne Road agreement (read more)

Right2Change: A winning hand or a busted flush?
The main element of the next election's outcome is already known. That is that Fine Gael will be the largest party in the 
Irish state. The party has served the capitalist class well and a large and prosperous layer of the capitalists and their 
supporters will ensure their return.   (read more)

Greece: Syriza’s hollow election victory
Syriza has recorded a clear victory in Greece’s recent general election – its second win in a period of less than a year. In 
terms of vote share and seats the result is almost identical to that of the January general election which put the party into 
government for the first time.  (read more)

Socialist Education: Workers self-defence
As long as there is capitalism there will be struggle between workers and capitalists, with the capitalists normally 
holding the advantage. That struggle will ebb and flow, swinging from a low-level confrontation with a cop to full-blown
armed insurrection.   (read more)

“Fresh Start” or death rattle?
The “Fresh Start” deal at Stormont has reduced even fervent supporters of Sinn Fein to silence and some, such as the editor 
of the Andersonstown News, to  vocal criticism. They search in vain for any justification.  They ask their leadership  why they 
signed up.  (read more)

Fresh Start Agreement: Stormont’s austerity economics
The decay of political settlement in the north has been marked by a series of agreements designed to overcome recurring crises 
at Stormont.  As this process of crisis management has progressed the agreements reached have become ever more threadbare 
and reactionary.   Last year’s Stormont’s House Agreement – which included benefit cuts and the further entrenchment of 
sectarianism - was bad, and the latest Fresh Start Agreement is even worse.  (read more)

Casement Park redevelopment
The controversy that has erupted around plans for a new stadium at the Casement Park site in west Belfast has exposed the degree 
to which a system of community patronage regulates every aspect of politics in the north.  It also shows how this system has become 
more entrenched as the peace process has progressed.  (read more)

Their wars! Our deaths! 
Their wars! Our deaths!   Is the slogan of our comrades in the French NPA.  In the aftermath of the French slaughter Hollande declared 
war. But France imperialism has been at war in Africa and the Middle East for some time.  (read more)

Another dirty deal
The news of the latest rewriting of the Irish peace agreement was met by a wave of apathy and indifference.  There are a number of 
reasons for public disinterest. The high levels of corruption and sectarianism, coupled with almost absolute impunity even when 
corruption is exposed, has led many workers to regard the local administration with contempt.   (read more)

Next edition - February 2016


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Trade union activists protest against Fresh Start Agreement (Nov 2015)




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