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  Last updated: 16 January 2020
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Housing Bulletin - May 2019


Housing March in Dublin: A fragmented movement
The housing demonstration in Dublin on May 18th was dominated by two sentiments. Amongst individual marchers the dominant 
feeling was of rage against a system of robbery and pillage that left them at the mercy of the banks and landlords, with the threat 
of eviction hanging over many.  (read more)

The housing movement is not healthy
The housing movement is not in a healthy  state. The rainbow coalition of groups is matched by a spectrum of policies. Behind the 
scenes different currents vie for influence. Demonstrations vary in size and frequency, with last year's 10,000 strong lobby of the Dail 
being the biggest until now.  In comparison water charge demonstrations numbered over 100,000.  (read more)

Ireland's housing crisis
A few things we can be sure of in most discussions of Ireland's housing crisis: One is that we will discuss the effects on a minority - 
a minority facing terrible privation on the streets or in emergency accommodation, but still a minority. The other assumption will be that 
the housing crisis is problem of supply.  (read more)

Housing is a human right: But rights have to be fought for
One of the most popular and persistent calls in housing rallies has been: “housing is a human right.” Now at last there is support for that 
call, from no less a source than the United Nations. The UN letter on housing slams the Irish government and spells out in some detail the 
class interests that deny human rights and the mechanisms through which that class interest was asserted.  (read more)

Political blindness feeds the great corporation tax scam
Recent tax reports show that 20% of Ireland's tax income come from corporation tax paid by transnationals. The majority of this was
paid by just 10 companies.Good news? Even the right-wingers in Fianna Fail are sounding the alarm on the grounds of instability and 
unsustainability.  (read more)

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