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Health Bulletin - June 2018


The Fight for Health
Today (30th June) people are coming together to mark and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the 
National Health Service.  It is right that we do so as the NHS continues to be the greatest social reform won by 
the working class.  (read more)

The NHS: from social reform to corporate takeover 
The National Health Service (NHS) is seen as the greatest reform won by the working class in Britain.  Seventy years 
on from its establishment by the Labour government that came to power in the immediate post WW2 period it still 
enjoys unprecedented levels of public support.  It was such affection that prompted the infamous comment by former 
Conservative chancellor Nigel Lawson that “the NHS is the closest thing the English people have to a religion”. (read more)

Bengoa Report: a blue print for privatisation
There is an assumption that the way the only way forward for the health service in Northern Ireland is the implementation 
of what has become know as the Bengoa report.  This is the report by a panel (chaired by Prof Rafael Bengoa) that was 
appointed by the the then health minister Michelle O’Neill to examine the future of health and social care.  (read more)

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