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  Last updated: 24 July 2015
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Socialist Democracy Bulletin - June 2015


Class war ahead: But where’s the fightback?
The provisions of the Stormont House Agreement will shortly be introduced. The posturing at Stormont is 
all about who takes the blame for the devastation that will follow - none of the main parties have opposed 
the four major planks of the agreement or proposed any alternative.   (read more)

Austerity in the North: A strange silence
As in a slow-motion car crash, the Stormont administration inches towards collapse. The primary reason for 
that collapse is self  -evident - failure to agree an austerity budget.  (read more)

Unions back in the tent
Head of SIPTU, Jack O’Connor, is notorious for his support for the establishment of Irish Water and for refusing to 
withdraw SIPTU members from its structures. O’Connor opposed the anti water charges movement but he is not alone 
in taking that position. The broader trade union leadership represented by David Begg took an outrageously anti working 
class position by washing their hands of the anti household and water charge campaign only one day after a major 
anti austerity demonstration. (read more)

Water fightback – the workers are on their own
The biggest mass movement since the time of the hunger strikes is fragmenting before our eyes. It is fragmenting even 
though hundreds of thousands are still burning with anger and determined to resist, even though the capitalist class seem 
determined to provoke us through open displays of theft and corruption.   (read more)

Equal marriage vote: A beacon of liberation for all
The 22nd of May was a truly historic day. The population of the Irish state, long seen as a bastion of Catholic 
conservatism, vote in an overwhelming majority to amend the constitution to support LBGT marriage.   (read more)

Greece: Syriza have already betrayed the working class
The justification for Syriza agreeing to extend Greece’s bailout programme - that it would buy some time and allow for 
a “breathing space” in other to negotiate less draconian conditions - has proved to be completely baseless.  In the 
wake of the February 20 agreement - in which Syriza accepted that the country’s debt would be paid it full, recognised 
the troika institutions and agreed to introduce further austerity measures - there  has actually been an intensification of the 
pressure upon Greece.    (read more)


Next edition - August 2015


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