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  Last updated: 12 June 2018
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Housing Bulletin - April 2017


Apollo House: Return to a fighting strategy for housing rights
Who is it who is threatened by the Irish Housing Crisis?  It is not just the army of rough sleepers on our streets and the 
shocking level of sudden death in the winter months.  Nor is it simply an issue of the hidden homeless moving from couch 
to couch in a desperate struggle to avoid rough sleeping.  (read more)

The Cost of Housing
Any assessment of the housing crisis, both in Ireland and across the world, should start with two simple observations.  
The first is that the majority cost of housing is in the inflation of land prices. In Ireland it accounts for the majority of the  
costs of new housing. The second observation is that land, by itself, has no value. As with air and water, it is a natural  
resource. (read more)

What kind of movement do we need?
Many assume that the model of the Right2Water campaign, claimed by the National Homeless and Housing Coalition, provides 
a template for the battle around housing. The claim of the coalition is suspect. The main force behind the coalition, The Services 
Industrial Professional and Technical Union (SIPTU) was a minor force in Right2Water, mainly because its leader, Jack O’Connor, 
always supported water charging.  (read more)

Next edition - July 2018


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