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Summer Vigils

End enabling the Gaza Genocide via Shannon

Galway Alliance Against War

26 June 2024

Protesters at Shannon Airport

It was proposed by the Kinvarra Palestine Group that there should be an increase in the number of vigils at Shannon Airport over the summer months to highlight the US Military transporting weaponry via the airport to enable the Israeli genocide in Gaza.

Initially, the aim is to begin with vigils every weekend throughout July.

Galway Alliance Against War has offered to assist, so we are looking for volunteers to join us on Saturday 13th July at the last roundabout before entering the airport. The aim is to have three shifts on the day between 6 am. and 9 pm. We already have a volunteer to drive from Galway for the early shift - what we are looking for are a few insomniacs to join the first shift; then drivers for the 11am and 4pm shifts, as well as a few people to join each of the drivers. Obviously the more participants the bigger the vigil and the stronger the message.



Below is a breakdown of the warplanes that Shannonwatch’s Edward Horgan has monitored travelling through Shannon. This list does not include ALL U.S. Military flights that have transited Shannon, only those that Shannonwatch with its limited resources and time has been able to register electronically.

Nonetheless, even without complete details of every flight we still have an idea of how much Shannon Airport is embroiled in the facilitation of war crimes.

The First Category consists of direct flights to or from Israel, the Second Category are flights that have come from or gone to large US military bases that are used as major distribution point for distributing US soldiers and military materials (bombs etc) to other locations around the Middle East, including Israel. These bases include  Al Udeid air base in Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Dubai, Cyprus, Crete, and Sigonella Sicily.

Direct flights to and from Israel, since October 7th to June 22nd there have been 11 flights.

Fights destined  on to distribution points for distributing US soldiers and military materials (bombs etc) to other locations around the Middle East there have been 85 flights.

Not included are flights going to Poland, Norway, Iceland, which are all part of the heightening conflict in Eastern Europe that is threatening to explode into a nuclear war.

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