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Eurovision: An exhibition of Irish Narcissisism and Opportunism

20 May 2024

Bambie Thug.

In the immediate aftermath of the Eurovision Song debacle an Irish academic wrote an article suggesting that the promotion of gender ideology and widespread use of pagan symbols could be interpreted as the ongoing rise of a quasi-religion around trans ideology.

That is what was suggested by Irish contestant Bambie Thug's performance.  However, if we take that performance at face value, we miss some much more direct explanations for their behaviour that will tell us a great deal more about the trans current and the driving forces in Irish society.

The case for describing trans ideology as a religion is quite strong. It asserts an inner soul that transcends the material reality of a body determined by biology in favour of a postmodern ascribing of gender. Formally this decision is made by society, but in reality trans activists do this individually, hemmed in only by the number of genders that can be folded into a plus symbol.

The reinforcements for this religion have more to do with current society than pagan symbolism. As with older religions it is enforced from the top through government and NGOs. As in the past, the heresy of questioning leads to quite strong repression involving dismissal from jobs and in some cases imprisonment. The movement has now progressed to sponsoring hate speech laws that attack the right to protest.

We should reject the jumble of paganism and Celtic symbols. The have no coherent content and the inclusion of the curse Adava Kedavra, an imaginary curse deployed by the fictional Harry Potter in the imaginary world of Hogwarts, gives the game away.  If we reject the fake paganism what do we see? We see narcissism on a grand scale Bambie and her troupe blaze with self-love and self-importance. A number of them come from the fashion industry, famous for its narcissism. The call, Crown the Witch, stripped of symbolism, boils down to a simple call: vote for me! Let me win!

The consequence of narcissism is overweening opportunism. Bambie wants to support Palestine, but can't let it stand in the way of her career objectives. She puts a pro-Palestinian slogan on her body in ogham script, but Eurovision forces its removal. In desperation she invents a fake row with Israeli media. Narcissism overcomes all and her personal upset overwhelms the issue of the genocide.

Why is this of any importance? It perfectly reflects elements of Irish society. The Eurovision contestants represent a woke Ireland of NGOs bereft of any radicalism and far from representative of the population. Like the contestants, the Irish government supports Palestine, but puts its links to the US and Europe before any substantive action. Sinn Féin support the Palestinians, but has to attend the White House with Genocide Joe.

However, there is another side to Ireland. All the artists scheduled to play an official Music From Ireland event at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Texas pulled out because of US army sponsorship and their involvement in Genocide. These genuine musicians have suffered real financial loss but accept the responsibilities of solidarity.

The Irish government went ahead. Ireland’s culture minister, Catherine Martin, has defended attending the arts festival and said she would use her trip to South by Southwest (SXSW) to “make clear her revulsion at the devastation that has been unleashed on Gaza”.

Ireland's radical musicians are in tune with the majority of Irish workers. At the moment they are smothered by official hypocrisy and opportunism, but it is their statement, rooted in our history of anti-imperialism, that will prevail.

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