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Gender ideology in Ireland - the role of the trans activists

19 September 2022

Enoch Burke refused to use gender-neutral pronouns for a transgender student

The latest controversy in Ireland involving gender identity involves teacher Enoch Burke, who has failed in a bid to be released from prison after breaching a court order. He was jailed on 5 September and can be held indefinitely until he agrees to stay away from the school where he worked. Burke claims that he was told to address a pupil with a “gender neutral” pronoun, namely to use They as a singular pronoun. He believes that this conflicts with his evangelical Christian beliefs. The school argues that the injunction does not relate to the pronouns issue but to a row with the principal following the pronoun direction.

The case raises many issues. Can a manager direct the use of pronouns? What would such a direction be based on? The government strongly supports trans ideology. What directions does it give in implementation of the policy?

The answer, as it turns out, is none. Directions and advice are outsourced to gender activist groups in a similar way to how the Tavistock Gender Clinic was closely aligned with Mermaids and other groups.

A similar process can be seen in the recent adoption of a gender equality policy by the Irish Labour Party. The policy is clearly a cut and paste operation by trans activists and offers an insight into the construction of an ideology and a cult.

The document begins with an appeal to science:

"Scientific evidence about the effects of testosterone on epigenetic neural development, suggests why some people are born with a gender identity different from their physical body".
This isn't how science works. Papers arguing one position are countered by opposing views and all embedded in a body of research. In fact, one of the main criticisms of Tavistock and the general affirmative approach to gender transition was the overall lack of scientific evidence supporting pharmaceutical and surgical intervention.

Theories of gender identity are based on postmodernism, queer theory and intersectionality, all the antithesis of science and materialism.

In the Labour document the science stuff is left behind very rapidly.

"…Claiming there is a “conflict” between trans people’s rights and women’s or other communities’ rights is transphobic...

…Misrepresenting what trans people say or do, because you don’t understand it, is transphobic. …Making public comments about policy or legislation on trans issues without understanding those issues is transphobic. If in doubt seek advice and guidance, Ignorance is no excuse."

So, having sought the sanction of science, the next step is to ban all discussion or questioning. Instead, we should seek direction from the nearest commissar.  In a few steps we move from the theory of gender identity to a full-blown cult.

One important aspect of the cult is the control of language.  Not only do gender activists advise schools, they are deeply involved in drafting a new Relationship and Sexuality Education consultation document that will be rolled out across the education sector.

So, establishing a cult, working to gain control at the top levels of institutions and a high level of threat and punishment for dissenters is important. But how do we explain the welcoming environment in government, institutions, political parties and unions?

The answer is that postmodernism and intersectionality eat away at any understanding of the most basic element of oppression in society. That is class oppression.  Ireland today is ruled by transnational companies. The political parties have melded together to represent these forces. Public services are privatised and serve market forces. The trade union leadership have gone along with this - the education unions have overseen a massive cut in basic pay following the credit crunch. What could be more useful than redefining society in terms of identity? Simultaneously you create a picture of liberalism and progress, silence opposition and throw a fog over ongoing class struggle.

So, any response has to be twofold.  It has to reject the ideologies of identity politics and also revive the movement of the working class and the struggle against capitalism and imperialism.

The more that gender ideology is subject to public discussion the easier this battle will become.

As for Enoch Burke, his evangelical ideology is extreme, but why does an alternate gender ideology rule over his and consign him to jail?

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