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King Chuck

Gearóid Ó Loingsigh

06 May 2023

Clown show.

This article was amended on 28/08/23 as it erroneously attributed the @socialistvoice twitter handle to the CPI.  It is not. (ed)

On May 6th an anachronistic, atavistic ceremony was held for all the world to see.  A man whose only merit in life is to have been born into right family was crowned King Charles III.  He is of no merit.  He wouldn’t even be king had his great uncle not ran away with an American divorcee. Had the royals been as tolerant of his relationship as they were of Charles’ the blood line would be different.  That in itself tells you everything you need to know about his merit. None.  But then royal families themselves have no merit, ever, anywhere.

From the word go, the great and the good were rushing to get seats to the invite only privileged soiree, held at the expense of those who cannot pay their electricity bills.  Photos abound of those getting to meet him, smiling as they did so.  Amongst the invitees are a rake of kings, crown princes and others from head chopping, hand chopping, women raping and torturing regimes, such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman.  Keir Starmer with his Sir in front of his name was all full of praise, the Labour Party was proud to say God Save the King.  And in the midst of it, Alex Maskey and Michelle O’ Neill grinning like two over fed Cheshire cats.  Instead of standing with British republicans who seek to abolish the monarchy, they threw their lot in with royalty, reaction and Loyalism.  Even some conservative Irish politicians have been better on this than Sinn Féin, with one saying he wouldn’t go to the back door of his house to see it.(1)  Social media has been full of memes and comments about the occasion, many predictably with quotes from James Connolly, who resolutely opposed the monarchy at all times.  But perhaps one of the best quotes is from Keir Hardie, the founder of the Labour Party.

If we are for the Queen [Victoria] we are not for her subjects.  The throne represents the power of caste – class rule.  Round the throne gather the unwholesome parasites who cling to the system which lends itself to their disordered condition.  The toady who crawls through the mire of self-abasement to enable him to bask in the smile of royalty is the victim of a diseased organism.
And yet Sinn Féin dragged themselves through a swamp of slime to bask in Chuck’s smile.  Lost in the discussion is any sense of what the royals are.  And there is likely to be less discussion of it, or at least what happens will be curtailed even more.  The British state brought forward the implementation of new police powers and demonstrators were arrested before they even got to demonstrate.(2)  Sinn Féin instead of standing by these republican protestors was stuffing itself on the metaphorical and literal gravy train of the pomp and pageantry of the day.  A pageant with all the precision, show and ideological message and propaganda worthy of a Nuremberg rally in other times, without the classy uniforms designed by Hugo Boss, of course.

New thought crime legislation is in place and in the south of Ireland it has passed the first stage in the Dáil and is now being discussed at the Seanad with all its provisions for thought crime.  People can be arrested for having material on their computer that could be used for incitement to hatred.  What hatred is, is not specified.  Could calling for the abolition of the British monarchy be a hate crime?  Yes, it could.  In the modern world of identity politics Loyalists and even British royalists include the parasites within the world vision, their cosmo-vision as trendy types like to say when talking of the “exotic” cultures they pretend to value.  Joking about a French or even Cromwellian solution to the monarchy could be construed as such, though my personal real preference is for them to be given jobs at Sainsbury’s as Arthur Scargill once suggested.

The laws are there to make sure we don’t question our betters; the coronation is the remind us that our betters exist and we should bow to them.  There is no putting politics aside and representing all as Sinn Féin claim, though their message is consistent with the Good Friday Agreement when, politics was defined as an immutable identity and all the identities were worthy of respect, no matter how politically reactionary they were.  The idea of representing everyone is reactionary nonsense.  After the civil rights campaign in the US, black politicians did not run around claiming to also represent the KKK, they understood that there are people you don’t, can’t and shouldn’t claim to represent.  But then Orange sectarianism itself has been dressed up as a quaint cultural fest and Michelle O’Neill marks the mass slaughter of the European working class that was WW I, when the cousins George V, Kaiser Wilhelm II and the Russian Tsar Nicholas II, respective countries found themselves at war and millions died for king and country.

The coronation marks a new low in the decline of critical thinking and a rightward shift by former radicals.  It is also part of the rise in identity politics.  Royalty is another identity we are meant to take seriously, lest we offend someone, somewhere or somezee, somewhere.  It is an act of mass propaganda in favour of a political set up and paid for by those that set up aims to keep in their place, on the dole, at food banks, with worsening working conditions, should they even have a job.  It is in essence unadulterated raw sewage.


 (1) MSM (05/05/2023) I wouldn’t go to the back door to see it – Irish politicians have their say on coronation of Britain’s King Charles. Maeve McTaggart

(2) The Guardian (06/05/2023) Head of UK’s leading anti-monarchy group arrested at coronation protest. Daniel Boffey

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