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No endorsement of Genocide Joe!

Stop the slaughter in Gaza!

17 February 2024

Text of leaflet distributed at Palestine solidarity rally in Dublin (17/02/24)

Partners in crime: Biden and Netanyahu

On October 7th Israel mobilised for war with Gaza. The stated aims were to release hostages and eliminate Hamas.  It quickly became clear that the actual aim of the IDF was to eliminate Gaza itself and to ethnically cleanse the population.  The Israeli government openly boasts of this, but the Western press successfully ignore this in favour of Israeli propaganda.

The Genocide campaign is rolling on and around 1.5 million people are pinned against the Egyptian border fence facing further bombardment.

At least 28,064 people have been killed and 67,611 wounded in Israeli attacks. The vast majority are civilians and around 10,000 are children.  The killings and mutilations are part of a blitzkrieg that has seen homes, hospitals schools, churches and infrastructure razed to the ground.  The slaughter runs alongside a campaign of starvation and blockade of water and medicine.

In October Genocide Joe Biden was hugging Netanyahu and promising bombs and cash to continue the slaughter.  The US said they wanted restraint but that turned out to be restraint on the part of Israelís opponents.   The weapons and money flood in and the US back regional war involving Yemen, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. They openly boast of threatening global war: against Iran and China, and in Europe by switching from a proxy war to direct NATO confrontation with Russia.

The International Court of Justice declares evidence of genocide.  In response Israel and the West attack the UNWRA aid agency, thus joining in the campaign of starvation which is itself an act of Genocide.  So, the US and major Western powers now openly join in a campaign of genocide. The rest of the West stands to one side, unwilling to support South Africa and the Global South in opposition.

The Irish government parties wring their hands and weep crocodile tears, but claim there is nothing we can do. We canít kick out the Israeli ambassador. We canít withdraw our own. We canít force the Zionists out of cultural and sporting events.

As a result, we are continually humiliated. Fianna Fáil hosts the Ambassador who keeps up a campaign of abuse against Ireland.  Our own ambassador in Israel is called in and told off for supposed anti-Semitism.  We call for an EU review of relations with Israel and are disappointed when there is no agreement.  The Irish basketball team are openly humiliated by Zionist warmongers. We can do nothing beyond looking sad.

This hypocrisy extends to the trade unions and major parties. None of them formally endorse the mobilisations for Palestine.  The burning issue now is that the parties, with the exception of the SDLP, are lining up to shake hands with Genocide Joe on St Patrickís Day.

We need to go beyond protest and turn our attention to confronting the hypocrisy of the government and parties. Those who go to Washington are endorsing Genocide. Itís as simple as that.

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