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Report on Palestine Solidarity rally in Belfast

Dave Jackson

17 October 2023

Palestine Solidarity rally, Belfast 15/10/23

In the biggest rally in the city for several years over 5,000 people protested against Israel's deadly reprisal attacks on Gaza and the killing of thousands.

Speakers included Jewish anti -Zionist Sue Pentall, Palestinian speakers, trade unionists, Sinn Féin and PbP.

Alongside a massive demo in Dublin and the enormous 150,000 protest in London, and a wave of demonstrations across Europe the support shown for Palestine will no doubt have been registered by pro zionist-Israel governments like the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the United States who say, "Israel has a right to defend itself" which gives Israel carte blanche to carry on the slaughter of decades.

The pro Palestinian coalitions need to keep up the pressure but we need to think again about our demands.

The Israelis are going beyond apartheid to a policy of genocide favouring the wipe out of the Palestinians with the West in full support of whatever Israel decides to do.

We need new structures, policies and organisations to fight back.

Resistance needs to unite behind a one state solution and a new democratic state where Israel now exists.

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