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Scotlandís prisons and the rape and abuse of women

Gearóid Ó Loingsigh

28 January 2023

Adam Graham (Isla Bryson) was housed in a women's prison after being convicted of two counts of rape.

Scotland has been making the news recently and none of it for good reasons.  Sunak stepped in to overrule the Scottish Parliament on its gender recognition legislation, playing a populist agenda on the trans issue, as the Tories are the ones who brought in the Gender Recognition Act in the first place.  However, the issue is important.

At the same time as the Scottish PM was busy attacking womenís rights, a number of cases came up in the courts that highlighted the danger and wanton disregard for womenís rights and safety that Sturgeon was demonstrating.  The most notable of these cases is that of double rapist Adam Graham, now going by the name of Isla Bryson.  He was initially remanded to a womenís prison.  The case raised huge concerns and some of the most vocal proponents of the nonsense that Trans Women are Women had to come out and say, that an ďexceptionĒ should be made this time.

And so it was that Nicola Sturgeon begrudgingly intervened to have Graham (a.k.a Isla Bryson) sent to a male prison.(1)  At first though, the Scottish Minister for Justice, Keith Brown, refused to intervene in the case.(2)  The retreat by Sturgeon proves what we have always known about the TRAs, they donít believe their own nonsense.  If Graham/Bryson and other transwomen really are women, then he should be in a womenís prison.  The fact they are willing to send this one guy back to a male prison tells you everything you need to know about the case.  Women are generally sent to prison for less violent crimes and few are imprisoned for sexual offences.  But there have been some.  The infamous Moors murderer Myra Hindley is one.  If a violent woman who represented some degree of potential threat to other female prisoners was sentenced, the prison authorities would take the normal security and preventative measures in relation to that prisoner.  The question of sending her to a male prison would just never, ever arise, not in a million years.  By sending Graham/Bryson to the male estate, Sturgeon tells us all that we are right, that transwomen are not women, they are men.

This was not the only case, other cases have arisen recently with prisoners boasting they will be in the female estate before the end of the year.  And more cases loom.  Sturgeon was more than willing to endanger women.  Whilst Graham/Bryson was out on bail, in his trans guise but using the name Annie he signed up for a beauticianís course and students at Ayrshire College were unaware that he was awaiting trial for two rapes.  He was described by students as over powering and disruptive and was eventually asked to leave the course.  But nonetheless they stripped in front of the double rapist with the acquiescence of the college.

We had all kinds of accusations thrown at us in the middle of the classroom. I was being verbally attacked. She went to the head of the department and said we were all discriminating against her and were homophobic. I was really offended and hurt by that and didnít go to college for three weeks because I was scared of the way she was coming at me.

I didnít even look at her because if I did, it gave her ammunition to say things to me. The way she spoke to the lecturers was disgusting. She made two of them cry. I found her very forceful and intimidating. Her true self came out during that time.(3)

The College claims that it didnít know about the rape charges, but that is beside the point.  No man would normally be accepted on the course and allowed to see near naked fellow students act as models for spray tanning practice.  But if the man says he feels he is a woman, then there is no problem.  This is the danger not just of self id, but of accepting the nonsense that transwomen are women and should be treated as such.  They are not, they are men in dresses and make-up and should be treated as men at all times.

Sturgeon and her fellow misogynists are not out of the woods just yet.  Another transfer to a female prison is on the horizon.  Stalker Andew Burns a.k.a Tiffany Scott, who has been described as a dangerous prisoner has repeatedly sought a transfer to the female estate but had been turned down on each occasion.  But now the authorities have relented and it is due to go ahead.(4)  He is an extremely violent prisoner who once attacked a fellow inmate with a razor and was himself scalded in a revenge attack.(5)  And this is the man they want to house with women.  Other men are not even safe from him.

Scott is one of only some 100 offenders in Scotland subject to an Order for Lifelong Restriction (OLR), meaning he will only be released when he is no longer considered an "unmanageable risk to public safety".(6)
At one stage he changed his name to Mr Almighty and staff were obliged to refer to him as such.  On the altar of trans rights women are to be subjected to such men.  He has attacked staff and nurses at the prison where he is currently held and women are just expected to be kind and run the risk.

These cases show what utter nonsense and how dangerous this movement is for women and womenís rights.  When they first demanded that men be held in the female estate we were told that sexual predators would not ask to be transferred, but they did and it was obvious they would.  It is now pretty much open season on women in prisons.  Any man can ask to be put in a womanís prison.  The separation of prisoners by age, sex, offence, remand and sentence was one of the great advances in penal reform and now some are willing to roll back history.  Housing men in womenís prisons is an attack on womenís right equivalent to the rolling back of Roe v Wade and abortion rights around the world, Taliban attacks on womenís education etc.  They are all part of the same attack on women and the imposition of religious dogmas, and that includes the trans religion.


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