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Transgender reading list

1 September 2020

During a recent online discussion on “Socialism, Feminism and Transgender politics” a number of participants asked where they could find further information the topic.  So, in conjunction with the speaker at that meeting, we have produced the following reading list.  These sources present a broadly socialist feminist (or gender critical) perspective on the issue of transgender.

Irish Websites

Women's Space Ireland

Radicailín – Radical Feminists Ireland

Websites/Articles by Socialists/Marxists which cover the Transgender/Gender Identity Issue

Freer Lives: A Socialist Critique Of Gender Ideology

“Trans is a top down trend: ask its lobbyists”
Freer Lives

Redline - Women’s rights & women’s liberation

A Communist At Large - women’s equality

Deirdre O'Neill: “On Not Being Allowed into Leftist Spaces”

The New Backlash

“Decoupled from reality”
Weekly Worker

Other Websites or blogs of interest

Woman’s Place UK

Woman’s Place UK (videos)

Women Are Human

Gender Detective

Short article from the British Medical Journal covering a few key issues

Margaret McCartney: “Medicine must do better on gender”
British Medical Journal
26 March 2018

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