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Executive to introduce extra water charges - 23/10/07

Campaign Against Water Privatisation - Newsletter No 4: Spring/Summer 2007
Threat of water charges and privatisation remains
Expert says water privatisation will mean higher bills
Tames Water linked to major sewage leak in Scotland
Tor Bank – pupils “likely to die” before school is built
Costs quadruple under PFI
Cost of Kilroot clean up could treble

MLAs ‘shocked’ at cost of water charge deferral - 30/05/07

Devolution honeymoon short-lived as NI Water announces 500 redundancies - 12/05/07

Report on Belfast anti-water charges demo - 02/04/07

Professor David Hall addresses anti-water privatisation meeting in Belfast  - 26/02/07

Interview with Prof. David Hall on water privatisation - 23/02/07

Report on Coalition Against the Water Charges public meeting at Belfast City Hall - 03/12/06

Campaign Against Water Privatisation - Newsletter No 3: Winter 2006/2007
Water legislation paves way for privatisation
Thousands of households face hardship
Debt – persecuting the poor
No time for consultation but millions for consultants
PFI  scandals in education
Thames Water – leaks and redundancies as owners  walk away with billions
PFI costs health service £45 billion

Debate on Anti-Water Charge Campaign opens in Newry Trades Council - 24/07/06

Water charges meeting in north Belfast – a snapshot of working-class concerns - 13/06/06

“April fools” rally against water charges - 03/04/06

Belfast demo marks World Water Day - 25/03/06

The Campaign Against Water Privatisation: Balance Sheet and Future Prospects - 01/03/06

Campaign Against Water Privatisation - Newsletter No 2: Spring/Summer 2006
Government presses on with privatisation of Water Service, guarantees on price levels worthless
Compulsory water metering and over charging – scandals of water privatisation in England continue
“Year Zero” - Hain signals assault on public sector
Customers to foot £35 million bill for Kilroot clean up

Campaign Against Water Privatisation - Newsletter No 1: Winter 2005/2006
Hain’s triple whammy – redundancies, rates rises, and water charges
Water treatment works handed over to corporate crooks
Water company director wanted: £1100 a day
Water bills in England and Wales rise by 13%
RVH car park PFI – exploiting the sick

Resisting water privatisation in Bolivia & Ireland - 17/11/05

North of Ireland – Now the Water Wars! - 05/10/05

A reply to “Organise” on water charges - 23/02/05

Poor turnout at anti-water charges demonstrations - 16/02/05

Our water is not for sale – oppose privatisation, leaflet distributed at anti-water cahrges rally in Belfast - 12/02/05

Step up the action! Build a mass campaign, leaflet distribued at water workers rally in Belfast  - 09/02/05

Report on anti-water charges meeting in west Belfast - 02/12/04

Assessment of the Water Charges campaign - 10/11/04

Report on meeting on water charges - 07/11/04

British government unveils plans to introduce water charges in north - 22/08/04

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