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Ireland's credit crunch (2010)

1. The Crisis: You couldn't make it up
2. The NAMA cure: bleeding the patient
3. "A Better, Fairer Way"
4. The Alternative: A Manifesto for Resistance 
Postscript: "We are not Irish"

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Prisoners of Social Patnership (2002) 

1.  A Tale of Two Strikes
2.  'Mr Haughey's Finest Hour' 
3.  'Fastest way to revolution'
4.  As Good As It Gets
5.  Alternatives to 'No Alternative'

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The real Irish peace process (1998)

Introduction : The Endgame?
1. "Britain has no selfish interest in Ireland"
2. From Partition to the Frameworks Documents
3. Republicanism and the Peace Process
4. The Politics of Armed Struggle
5. The Alternative

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Ireland: The promise of Socialism (1996)

1. The Promise of Socialism
2. Against Maastricht and a Capitalist Europe
3. Imperialism and Ireland
4. The National Question
5. No to Social Partnership
6. The Struggle Against Sectarianism
7. The Liberation of Women
8. The Environment
9. Revolution

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