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Scotland’s prisons and the rape and abuse of women


Scotland has been making the news recently and none of it for good reasons.  Sunak stepped in to overrule the Scottish Parliament on its gender recognition legislation, playing a populist agenda on the trans issue, as the Tories are the ones who brought in the Gender Recognition Act in the first place.  However, the issue is important.   At the same time as the Scottish PM was busy attacking women’s rights, a number of cases came up in the courts that highlighted the danger and wanton disregard for women’s rights and safety that Sturgeon was demonstrating.   (read more)

Enoch Burke: Women’s rights and workers’ rights at stake


Enoch Burke has now become a household name, thanks to a controversy surrounding the mandated use of they/them pronouns and a name he was instructed to use for a child, by management at the school where he worked. The school in question is a Church of Ireland mixed boarding school charging 9,500 euros per year. It is important to get the background to this story in order to properly understand the issues at stake. (read more)

UK-EU Protocol deal stalls


A much-hyped meeting on the Northern Ireland protocol on the 16th of January ended with a whimper. European Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefovic, UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, and Northern Ireland Secretary Chris Heaton-Harris met and issued a 3-line statement saying that scoping work for potential solutions should continue in a constructive and collaborative spirit.  (read more)

The return of Leprechaun Economics


We've made it! The economic press now rank the Irish state as one of the richest states in the world and just behind
Luxembourg in Europe's rich list. This will come as news to the inhabitants of north inner city Dublin and indeed to the vast majority of Irish workers. Of course, it's not true. Yet again Leprechaun economics has returned to the stage, making claims that are so preposterous
that we look again at the economy and realise that the official figures make no sense and disguise the realities of life for the majority of Irish workers.  (read more)

The strike wave in Britain


The new wave of strikes in Britain and the support for union leaders such as the RMT's Mick Lynch answering back to sneering and well-heeled reporters has led to wild enthusiasm amongst socialists. They resemble someone finding water after years in the desert. Increasing class consciousness and increasing class combativity have changed the face of politics quite dramatically. But socialists have a duty to provide a class analysis that will aid the working class in this struggle and in coming struggles. Polite clapping isn't enough.  (read more)

Colombia: Petro and Márquez Continue to Buy Weapons


For the moment, and only for the moment the purchase of warplanes with which Petro and Márquez hoped to cuddle up to the military, leaving aside the basic needs of the Colombians has collapsed. But Petro and Márquez have not given up the ghost. So, they bought the Barak MX air defence system. It is a system for defence against aerial and missile attacks. We don’t know who the enemies that the country has are, nor who they hope to use this system against, but they bought it.  (read more)


Gender identity ideology

Presentation by Orla Ni Chomhrai on why socialists should oppose a dogma which undermines women's rights, gay rights, free speech, and science.

18 October 2021