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Slaughter in Palestine: Who offers a road to peace?


The standard question from the media in the early days of the current Israeli onslaught was: "do you condemn Hamas?"  If you said yes, you were accepting that the conflict had begun with their breakout from Gaza, that it was an out-of-control massacre that did not involve the IDF killing their own civilians and that there was no need to reference decades of Israeli oppression or the growth in ethnic cleansing under the Netanyahu government.   If you said no, you were a terrorist who could be immediately dismissed.    (read more)

ICTU support state capitulation to racism, new police powers


The working class have an important role in the growth of fascist and racist forces. They can either mobilise to stop the growing movement in its tracks or retreat in disorder. From this perspective the Irish Congress of Trades union demonstration in Dublin was a massive betrayal of the workers movement. In February much lower levels of anti-migrant protest led to 50,000 marching in Dublin with the participation of a number of major unions alongside NGOs
and political parties. (read more)

Over 1,300 British actors, artists sign letter protesting censorship of pro-Palestine views by art institutions

01/12/23 (WSWS)

More than a thousand British and Irish actors, writers, artists, directors, critics, musicians and playwrights have signed a petition demanding that art institutions stop their censorship of pro-Palestinian artists and individuals in the cultural field who seek to defend the Palestinian people from the Israeli genocide.  Some of the better-known signatories include Academy Award-winning actress Olivia Colman, who played Queen Elizabeth in the popular television series, The Crown.(read more)

Dublin Riots


On Thursday 23rd of November three school kids and a care worker were stabbed only yards from the city’s main thoroughfare.  The assailant turned out to be originally from Algeria and gave an excuse to the far right to organise and descend upon the city in an organised fashion to wreak havoc and threaten migrants.   They had planned the event prior to the stabbing.  There had been other murders and serious assaults perpetrated by migrants, so statistically it was only a matter of time before another incident would happen and they could take advantage of it.  (read more)

The International Criminal Court: The judicial branch of imperialism


In the context of the Zionist genocide in Gaza, a number of personalities and Palestinian solidarity organisations have asked that Netanyahu and others be put on trial by the International Criminal Court. This will not happen, that court has been described in vulgar but accurate terms as a stinker. It is true, its putrid stench is nauseating and the history of international tribunals is full of hypocrisy, even when they judge people who should be tried and punished. We all know of the Nuremberg Tribunal where the Nazis were put on trial.   (read more)

Book review: Disturbing vision of a draconian police state

04/10/23  (Socialist Voice)

Paul Lynch’s novel Prophet Song has deservedly been short-listed for this year’s Booker Literary Award. The author spins a chillingly realistic tale of an Ireland governed by a fascistic regime in the throes of an armed conflict with its local opponents. The regime’s definition of public order is maintained by a newly created Garda National Services Bureau, assisted by rigorously enforced media censorship. (read more)


Gender identity ideology

Presentation by Orla Ni Chomhrai on why socialists should oppose a dogma which undermines women's rights, gay rights, free speech, and science.

18 October 2021