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Sinn Féin takes lead as political unionism decays


Commentary on the local government elections in the North remarked on the dullness of the campaign. The results (see table below article), by contrast,
which saw Sinn Féin surpass the DUP as the biggest party, were hailed as very dramatic and of great significance. Words such as “tsunami”, “seismic”, and
even “landslide”, were being bandied around. There was much discussion over what the outcome would mean for the restoration of Stormont, and beyond
this for the calling of a border poll and the prospect of a united Ireland. (read more)

Decline of left vote marks demise of Stormont reform strategy


Analysis of the Northern elections focused on the increase in the Sinn Féin vote and dismissed the vote for People before Profit and the Greens as simply marking the collapse of smaller parties. In the case of PbP, the party was reduced to two councillors with their MLA, Gerry Carroll, under threat in the next Stormont election. However, the PbP result is important because it calls into question the broad experiment by left currents to build themselves around reformist programmes. (read more)

An Irish sovereign wealth fund?


The Irish state is poised to take in over €27 billion in corporation tax from the multinational sector by 2026. This enormous windfall has been announced after a series of crises arose around the government's housing policy, many evictions of poor families and scandals around housing corruption, alongside many other failures in social provision. (read more)

The rise of authoritarianism and hate speech legislation


A bill, which will most likely become law is winding its way through the houses of the Irish parliament. It has already passed the first stage and is now being considered by the Seanad.  There was little opposition to it and what opposition there was from some T.Ds did not oppose the idea of hate speech legislation per se.   Right across Europe we have seen how governments are becoming increasingly more repressive, anti-democratic and hostile to the idea of debate.    (read more)

TV Review: Blue Lights (BBC NI)


Blue Lights is a six-part drama series, set in Belfast, about the police force of the north of Ireland. The main characters are four probationary police officers and the action follows the problems and challenges they have to overcome to successfully complete their training.   Each of these four characters go out on patrols with an experienced police officer and this forms the central taking off point for the storylines that unfold.    (read more)

Socialist Democracy statement on the local government elections in the north


It would be true to say that the forthcoming local government elections in the North have generated little in the way of public interest.  This is partly due to low expectations of what councils can deliver in terms of reforms.  However, the overriding factor is the sectarian nature of the campaign and of politics more generally.  For whilst the political parties may produce manifestos and discuss a range of issues the only thing that really matters is whether unionism or nationalism comes out on top. (read more)


Gender identity ideology

Presentation by Orla Ni Chomhrai on why socialists should oppose a dogma which undermines women's rights, gay rights, free speech, and science.

18 October 2021