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Roderic O’Gorman: A Green Leader, Always Leading in the Wrong Direction


Roderic O’Gorman won the leadership race to become head honcho in the Green Party.  He had as much to say during his campaign for the leadership as he has had for the last number of years as Minister for Children.  All style, no substance and choosing to die on the wrong hill time and again.   As a minister he has shown remarkable, indeed outstanding levels of incompetency, even by the standards of the current government.     (read more)

Lough Neagh Action Plan


In early July, the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) Minister Andrew Muir announced twenty actions his department would take to improve water quality, address the challenges in Lough Neagh and tackle blue green algae (BGA).   Those hoping that the catastrophe in Lough Neagh was finally being tackled were out of luck. Muir was just dishonestly using his position to bolster his vote in the polls.  There is no sign of collective action by the local administration.   (read more)

UK general election result in the north


The outcome of the UK general election in the north of Ireland (see table at foot of article) confirmed a number of the trends that have emerged in elections since 2022. These are: the consolidation of Sinn Féin as the largest single party; the fragmentation of Unionism and the decline of the DUP; and the continuing high level of support for others (mainly represented by Alliance).   (read more)

UK elections – who needs a majority?

06/07/24 (​Sráid Marx)

The Labour majority of over 170 seats with only 34% of the vote is the lowest-ever winning share.  With around one third of the vote it gained two thirds of the seats. The turnout of around 60% was a drop from 67% in 2019 and the second lowest since 1918, meaning around 80 per cent of those eligible to vote didn’t vote for Starmer, whose personal rating is a net minus of 6.  Even in his own constituency his vote fell dramatically, by 15.6%.   (read more)

Resist the drive to World War Three

June 2024 (BAWG)

The claim that we are heading towards global war may sound alarmist but when we look at what is going on in the world it is difficult not to draw this conclusion. There is a major war in Europe; there is genocide and ethnic cleansing in Gaza; and tensions are rising in the Asia Pacific. All of these flashpoints have the potential to escalate to a state of general war in which nuclear weapons are deployed and tens of millions of people die.  (read more)

Cancel Culture on the Irish Left


Cancel culture is alive and well on the Irish left, a left so small and isolated the idea that there is room to cancel others is bizarre.  Following the successful student protests in solidarity with Palestine which forced Trinity to dismantle its relationship with Israel, we sought and obtained an interesting interview with the TCD SU president László Molnárfi for publication on our website.    (read more)


Gender identity ideology

Presentation by Orla Ni Chomhrai on why socialists should oppose a dogma which undermines women's rights, gay rights, free speech, and science.

18 October 2021